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"Take Your Financial Hat Off and Give It To Us"


  • Link to my interview for the 10th Anniversary of WIPP in 2011

  • 2011 - 03-22 Podcast and Presentation from WIPP "Building Your Team" Webinar


Comments from attendees:

"Ms. Stewart provided a comprehensive definition of all acronyms she used in the presentation. I think she imparted considerable knowledge in terms

of individuals who are required as part of individual business team, and why the necessity these professionals."

"In rare occassions, as a very senior, tenured professional, I can opine, there are instances where are unable to improve a perfectly delivered, germane topic."

"You used the time so constructively. You moved from topic to topic efficiently, and the slides accompanied your pace. Your presentation was exemplary, so welcomed by a small WOSB, that wants to be positioned properly to speak/interface with that next level of professionals."

"I did not want to see this presentation end. I believe Ms. Stewart might be able to suggest the next level of knowledge that we should become acclimated with."