CMA Solutions, Inc.

"Take Your Financial Hat Off and Give It To Us"


CMA Solutions, Inc. (CMAS) focuses on Wealth Preservation Services and Asset Protection Strategies.  Our services include (as a whole or in part):


  • Annuity Reviews and Management
  • Individual, Business and Trust Life Insurance Reviews and Management
  • Non-Qualified Executive Compensation Plans
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Estate and Succession Planning 
  • Individual, Business and Trust Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Non-Profit Set-Up, 501(c)(3) filings and Administration
  • Federal Grant Procurement, Management and Adminstration
  • Consulting

What You Can Expect and What We Expect



  • CMAS will keep in strict confidence all of the information about the financial affairs of the Client.
  • CMAS  will  create  a  comprehensive financial  plan  and  present  it  to  the Client on  the specified due date.
  • CMAS will assist the Client in creating a task list during the presentation of the financial plan.
  • CMAS will mail a final copy of the comprehensive financial plan and the task list to the Client no later than two weeks after presenting the plan to the Client.
  • CMAS will provide financial education and advice until the end of the initial engagement.




  • The  Client  will  make  every  effort to  participate  in  the  financial planning  process. 
  • Ultimately, it is the Client’s responsibility to implement CMAS’s recommendations and make their financial plan work in their life. 
  • The Client will fill out the financial planning questionnaire and mail it to CMAS at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.
  • The Client should approach our financial planning meeting with an open mind. This will help the Client to learn more during the financial planning process.
  • The Client is responsible to make sure that they understand what CMAS is explaining to them.
  • In other words, if CMAS explains a financial planning concept to the Client, and the Client does not understand it, the Client should make sure to ask CMAS to repeat the explanation in a way that makes sense to the Client.
  • The  Client  is  responsible for  disclosing all relevant facts and information that  are necessary for  CMAS  to  provide  accurate   and comprehensive  advice  for  the  Client's unique situation.